DICOM Validator

The DICOM validator is a web-based solution for evaluation the compliance of PACS applications with the DICOM standard. It features the “as-a-service” business model, which allows users to immediately reach their goals without the extensive setup efforts required by similar solutions. The DICOM Validator is also a community-driven initiative, where users all around the world [...]

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A survey on data compression methods for biological sequences.

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SCALEUS is a data migration tool that can be used on top of traditional systems to enable semantic web features. This user-friendly tool help users easily create new semantic web applications from scratch. Targeted at the biomedical domain, this web-based platform offers, in a single package, a high-perfomance database, data integration algorithms and optimized text [...]

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Ann2RDF is an interoperable semantic layer that unifies text-mining results originated from different tools, information extracted by curators, and baseline data already available in reference knowledge bases, enabling a proper exploration using semantic web technologies. This result in a more suitable transition process, in which desired annotations are enriched with the possibility to be shared, [...]

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