GeCo is a method and tool designed for the compression and analysis of genomic data. As a compression tool, GeCo is able to provide additional compression gains over several top specific tools in different levels of redundancy. As an analysis tool, GeCo is able to determine absolute measures, namely for many distance computations, and local measures, such as the information content contained in each element, providing a way to quantify and locate specific genomic events. GeCo can afford individual compression and referential compression (conditional or conditional exclusive). The tool is memory adjustable, using hash-caches for the deepest context models, making possible to be run in modest computers.


D. Pratas, A. J. Pinho, P. J. S. G. Ferreira. Efficient compression of genomic sequences. Proc. of the Data Compression Conference, DCC-2016, Snowbird, UT, March 2016. (accepted)