Interactome for the Human oral cavity

From birth, humans are subject to the colonization and invasion attempts of numerous microorganisms. Although in normal situations, contacting with microbes can support the shaping and development of our immune system, specific situations, such as stress or an unhealthy diet, can render us vulnerable to opportunistic pathogens.
Since the oral cavity is particularly exposed to the environment, it is an anatomic region prone to microbial invasion. Additionally, one of the requirements for bacterial colonization and cellular invasion is the establishment of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) with the host. With this in mind, we aim to develop a computational method for prediction of the oral human-microbial interactome.
Revealing the human-microbial interactome will allow further understanding of the mechanisms behind the onset of oral diseases. Additionally, this knowledge may give insight on key proteins involved in oral infections, which can be used for either diagnosis, as molecular biomarkers, or for treatment, as drug-targets.

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Oral proteins from proteomic studies
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