MIND is a repository of microarray experiments that handles storage, management and analysis of microarray data. It is supported by an infrastructure prepared to integrate dynamically further functionalities (Quality Control assurance, data processing, data mining, visualization, reports, etc.).

Microarray INformation Database

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The development of microarray technology has been phenomenal during the past years, and it is becoming a daily tool in many genomics research laboratories. However, the multi-step and data-intensive nature of this technology has created an unprecedented computational challenge. In fact, the full power of microarrays technology can only be achieved if researchers are able to efficiently store, analyse and share their results.

MIND Workflow

MIND Workflow

LIMS capabilities

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is an database repository that allows to manage all the laboratorial data.



Main advantages of MIND:

  • Easier and fast access to all the laboratorial data
  • Trace of all the experiment allowing errors detection
  • Allows an easier share of data among different users
  • Public web-based interface
  • MIAME and MAGE compliance

Data Analysis capabilities

MIND Data Analysis

MIND Data Analysis

Quality control

  • Enables the user to detect systematic errors on the production of microarrays. It also allows the usage of some pre-processing such as background subtraction, data normalization and data filtering;

Exploratory data analysis

  • Allows the user to, based on definite objectives, specify the experiment design and retrieve the biological meaning from the shown results.

Software integration

  • Allow the dynamic introduction of processing algorithms and R scripts.


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