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Biomedical Concept Annotation Tool, API and Widget


becas is a web application, API and widget for biomedical concept identification. It helps researchers, healthcare professionals and developers in the identification of over 1,200,000 biomedical concepts in text and PubMed abstracts.

becas provides annotations for isolated, nested and intersected entities. It identifies concepts from multiple semantic groups, providing preferred names and enriching them with references to public knowledge resources. You can choose the types of entities you want to identify and highlight or mute specific entities in real-time.

To facilitate annotation of PubMed abstracts, becas automatically fetches publications from NCBI servers and renders them with identified concepts highlighted.

Using becas

You can access the becas web annotation tool here and learn to use it in its help page. Explore the Web API in the API docs and discover how easy it is to integrate the becas widget in the widget docs.

You can read more about becas in the about page and we would love to hear your feedback!