José Melo, Joel P. Arrais, José Luís Oliveira
University of Aveiro, DETI/IEETA
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810 - 193 Aveiro, Portugal
UA.PT Bioinformatics

Nuno Rosa, Maria J. Correia, Marlene Barros
Portuguese Catholic University, Department of Health Sciences
3504-505 Viseu, Portugal
OralCard is a web information system for oral health.


All presented data is gathered through various automatic methodologies using state-of-the-art technology.
These data are freely available online and remain the intellectual property of the various original data sources. Any questions regarding acceptable use, copying, storage or distribution of individual data items should be directed to those sources. OralCard claims ownership and copyright on the total compilation of records in this database, and provides open and free access to the full database content for searching, browsing, record copying, and further dissemination on the strict understanding that no records are to be altered in any way (other than trivial format changes) and that OralCard and the original data sources are acknowledged in any subsequent usage of this information.
OralCard or any of its supporting partners cannot be held responsible for any of the presented information.


OralCard is a purely scientific and academic venture without any kind of commercial interest.


Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that OralCard and its data are of consistent high quality, we make no warranty, express or implied, as to their completeness, accuracy or utility for any particular purpose. OralCard software and data may be used by others on the clear understanding that no liability for any damage or negative outcome whatsoever, either direct or indirect, shall rest upon the OralCard team or its sponsors, or any of their employees or agents.

How to contribute?

If you have a study that you think should be included in OralCard, please send us an email.

Known Issues

We are having some issues displaying the protein interaction network in Firefox. We recommend using Google Chrome.